Professional expertise in property, construction, and architectural services in London and the South-East

Architectural Projects
At Acorn Technical Associates, we're also able to support you in design, realisation, and execution of projects that you may have in mind. This can include looking at your property or land, and working alongside you discussing options and opportunities.

We work with a large number of designers and architects who will be able to support you, devising solutions to bring your ideas to life. Whether you're adding to your home, redesigning an existing space, or starting a project on a blank canvas, we can help.

We provide advice on all aspects of property and construction and a wide range of services to suit our clients’ individual needs. We offer design solutions for new and existing premises and liaise with local councils on a variety of planning and environmental issues.

We consider usability, flexibility, and practical usage of the space you're looking at developing, and can explore all options that are available. A good designer and architect can really bring your project to life, and our team are experienced in working to client budgets, ensuring the best value.
Site Visit & Dimensional Survey
Once instructed the first stage of most projects is to undertake a site visit and dimensional survey and establish our clients requirements in the form of a brief. These are normally undertaken within a week of instruction.

Our designers will discuss with you what you’re looking for and go through any opportunities that may present themselves. We’ll help you develop your ideas, and refine a design which not only achieves your goals but will secure planning permission if required. We’ll discuss cost-effective construction methods to ensure that your project is delivered to your budget expectations too.

Acorn Technical Associates can produce both planning permission and building regulation scaled drawings to suit any size project from a garden office to a sizeable extension to your property. We can arrange a meeting at your property to carry out a detailed site measure of your existing property and discuss your project requirements.

We work with a broad network of professionals who will be able to support with the construction side of the project, if required. All of our associates come highly recommended, and will be able to work to your timescales, and your budget.

Planning and Building Control
We prepare drawings ready for submission to the local authority to obtain Planning and/or Building Regulations approvals.Furthermore, we act as agent for the client during the statutory application process, dealing with any enquiries, requests for further information or queries which may arise.