Professional expertise in property, construction, and architectural services in London and the South-East

RICS Accredited
All of our associates are accredited through RICS, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Our development and enforcement of leading international standards, protects consumers and businesses by ensuring the utmost level of professionalism is employed across the built and natural environment.

Our standards documents lay out the ethical-, conduct- and competence-related standards for the profession. By working to our standards, professional members and RICS regulated firms deliver confidence and transparency. RICS ensures these standards are upheld by the profession through our system of independently led regulation.
Standards of conduct
Standards of conduct include the RICS Rules of Conduct and a number of related mandatory standards which set out the RICS requirements, across all disciplines, with respect to competence, ethical conduct, service standards and consumer protection. Standards of conduct apply to all professional members and RICS regulated firms.

Sector Standards
Sector standards apply to specific disciplines within the profession: building surveying, construction, dispute resolution, land, real estate, and valuation. Sector standards establish the expectations of members of the profession and RICS regulated firms when practising in these sectors and relate primarily to technical competence and ethical conduct.

Standards of Qualification
  • Accrediation
    RICS-accreditation demonstrates a globally-recognised standard of surveying education.
  • Global consistency
    The standards of RICS qualifications are fundamental to the standing of the profession and its professionals.
  • Qualification Standards
    RICS qualifications recognise a mix of academic and professional qualifications

We provide independent, risk based regulation of the profession in the public interest. Our regulatory model applies globally to all individual members of the profession and all RICS regulated firms. By assuring and, when necessary, enforcing our standards through our independent disciplinary process, RICS supports consumer confidence and a vibrant profession.

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